At the Melle clinic, the Vetpole group is equipped with a high-performance color Doppler ultrasound scanner (as well as a Doppler echo to measure blood pressure) for advanced cardiographic and abdominal ultrasound examinations.

Still at the  Melle site, a digital radiography with high-tech image processing software is available for all your companions' problems requiring radiological investigation.

The Chef-Boutonne clinic is equipped with a dental X-ray and it is at this site that all the dental problems of your dogs, cats and NAC are referred.

The Vetpole group has partnered with several other clinics to create Pictavet Scanner and offer a high-performance diagnostic tool, an Astellion 16-slice Canon scanner, based in Jaunay-Marigny near the Futuroscope. 

Your pet gets tired faster, he is sadder, he coughs...

...Old age does not explain everything! He may need a specialized cardiology consultation with an echocardiogram and possibly a pulmonary radiology. Your companion's comfort and life expectancy are very much linked to the early detection of cardiac pathologies, which, detected as early as possible, will have a slower evolution with an adapted treatment.