Dogs, cats and small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils suffer from affections of the oral sphere. These can be gingivitis due to the presence of tartar, mal-occlusions with sprouting. Tooth anarchy (rodents), root abscesses, tooth fractures.

 All of these acts require specific equipment and experience that you will find at the clinic in Chef-Boutonne. We are equipped with digital dental radio, ultrasonic scaler and milling turbines.

The prevention and treatment of these dental problems greatly improves the quality of life of our companions.

Remember to have its teeth checked...

Your pet eats with less ease, has more difficulty eating biscuits and prefers a softer wet food...? For an aging animal, Poor food intake can lead to significant weight loss and general weakness. Accumulation of tartar and a bacterial plaque infection can lead to heart valve disease and eventually heart failure. Regular check-ups of the oral cavity will prevent the appearance of this cardiac pathology by scaling, the removal of teeth with infected roots.